Corporate Profile

Shindo Kogyo Company Limited was established in Hong Kong in 1984. In the past 37 years, the company has been committed to providing customers the best non-ferrous metal raw materials and the most professional metal market advice. Through our strong networks, technical supports, and alliance partners throughout Southeast Asia, we have successfully introduced highly competitive metals for many small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as listed companies.

The raw materials distributed by Shindo Kogyo Co., Ltd. mainly originate from advanced countries such as Japan and South Korea. With a large network of enterprises, Shindo Group has successfully provided value-added services to customers through emerging countries such as Mainland China, Thailand, and Vietnam, helping manufacturers to open new pages of business by advance, innovative materials.

Stepping into a new era, we continue to offer distinctive materials and products to automotive, 5G infrastructure, electronics, and other thriving markets. We understand more clearly that in addition to professional knowledge and good reputation, we must also consider the importance of scientific research and environmental protection. Therefore, we are meticulous in the research, production, packaging, and transportation management of the materials we sell, and to ensure that all aspects can also meet the individual needs of customers, and contribute to the conservation work while maintaining the quality of the products.

In the new generation, Shindo Group has made enough preparations, and is eager to meet new challenges with all customers!

Corporate Timeline and Summary